The First 6-weeks of Clover & White

We still can’t quite believe that Clover & White has gone from a conversation between two friends who wanted to create a place where emerging and underrepresented authors could be showcased, to a fully fledged site that has already published some wonderful authors.

They key to setting up an online literary magazine is submissions, shares and a passion for writing. The last one we have oodles of but the first two are down to you. So if you like what we are doing, please share, like and tell others about us.

If you are a writer or harbour a dream of writing, we want to hear from you. We want to read what you are working on, help you if we can, and get you published!

Come and read what we’ve been up to so far…

Dip by Hadiyyah Kumah

Our first piece was by Hadiyyah Kuma, an Indo-Guyanese writer from Canada. A flash fiction snap shot into new found aloneness – and the distance between loved ones.

Three Poems by Chris Heath

Chris Heath’s The Glitch, Unmagick and Miscast are all exceptional poems that will cast a spell on you. His language leads you further into the distant world of his pieces.

Tomorrow Belongs To Me by Max Dunbar

Our first short story took a real turn, taking us to 1930’s Germany. Crossing genres between historical fiction and science fiction, it questions if we did have the ability to change the world’s past, would — or could, we do it?

becalmed by Mark Mayes

A haunting piece of flash fiction, becalmed offers the reader a new thought with every line. Before you’ve begun to piece together it’s allusions, it’s over… leaving you wanting more.

Giving you that coldsore by Megan Groves

Taking something that would ordinarily be considered gross and turning it into something that symbolises longing was so clever and moving in Megan Groves poem Giving you that coldsore.

Let’s stay in touch…

Clover & White publish short stories, flash fiction and poetry every Sunday. If you like what we do, share the love and let others know about us. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram & Twitter, and join our Mailing list!

Have a short story, flash fiction or poem to submit? Awesome! We would love to hear from you. Visit our submissions page for all the details.

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