Public Transport Announcement by Sam Forge

47 minutes stuffed in
a box of sushi a few days bad.
Almost intoxicating, the smell
burns through to your brain
choking a speech bubble barely born.
God forbid you let it speak though
the court we pass
would have you in the stocks
like a child that’s stolen a loaf of bread.
Aboard this volcano
we wait for the doors to open
It’s not far now.
Just past the derelict theatre;
The cast of this matinee ever changes,
few stay for a while.

A graduate of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Sam Forge is an aspiring poet currently studying his Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Hertfordshire. Taking inspiration from such poets as Wayne Holloway-Smith, Bobby Parker and Jack Underwood whilst also forging his own style, Sam uses his work to approach everyday subjects as well as those he feels are not heavily covered or represented in the mainstream. Follow him on Twitter at @SamForge

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