Three Poems by Samantha Godwin

The Hypnotist’s Rook

Which matters more:
the scream within the scream
or the scream within the girl?
I made a vertical slit
up my throat, from the
hollow to the underside
of my chin. I play
my larynx like a faulty violin
but I just can’t get the tune,
can’t get the lacquer on the cords
or the terror from my tone,
so instead the sound reverberates,
reverberates, reverberates,
trapped inside itself
like an inverted mind palace.
Remember, none of this is real.
Remember, the hypnotist will
snap his fingers and the images will fade.
Remember, it is all in your head.

Selective Colorblindness

I would like to believe in the color red
and all that comes with it.
I would like to believe in weather balloons, hot peppers, and the human heart,
but I can’t.
Red is too romanticbloodyviolentvivid
to exist in a world such as ours;
grey is far more believable,
or black,
or even green, which is soft in all the right places.
I have held human organs,
all grey, or yellow, or white
with tumors,
and I have seen the doctors dab them
with orange dye to show which side
faces in
and which side
faces out.
I would like to believe in the color red,
but I observed several angioplasties
and one heart catheterization, and
there was hardly any blood at all;
the doctors reacted like ink
stained their blue latex gloves
and it was so dark, dark, dark,
and they sealed up the patients
without ever touching the heart.

The Interview

What do you do when you’re alone?
The mirror falls to the floor,
a thousand shards cascading
in a waterfall of white noise.

What do you do when I’m not there?
A knife, sharpened, lies on the kitchen counter.

What do you want more than anything?
A lover with soft hands and a soft spine,
milky coffee.

What will happen when I leave you?
A hot air balloon and empty skies.

Samantha Godwin is a graduate student in Kennesaw State University’s Master of Arts in Professional Writing program. She mainly writes poetry, but when she is not writing poetry or prose, she enjoys editing, teaching, drinking Diet Coke, and playing with her cats. Follow her on Twitter @sammigodwin

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