3 Poems by Jordan Merenick

Poetry’s Best Moments

Are shy awkward glances
& the animalistic allegros
Of our lives
No one reads
A poem
In the middle of a crisis
Or after the birth of a first born
But in the quiet terracotta
Right before a sandwich


1. A mute choir of wrinkled outfits
In the walk in
Behind us
2. 300 half watched DVDs
Our slipknots
Our trap doors
Towards an all encasing
Still birthed fantasia
Lay scattered
In a peculiar diaspora
3. A nebula
No a black hole
Of regurgitated songs
Play through our own
Wilted milky way ear buds
Giving comfortable sedation
To our comatose
4. Still
There must be a language
Or word
Not yet discovered
Which can bridge
The three inch gulf
Between us

No One Has Called You Brave Lately

Never realizing
How much
It costs you to stay sane
How you drown yourself each morning
Knitting your bones back together
With the leftover residue
From your soap
Just to face breakfast…

Jordan Merenick is a writer from the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area. This is his first major publication and he can be contacted at j95twu@gmail.com

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