Shut In by Josh Stewart

The world is a difficult proposition;
I prefer to let the sharper
wits of our generation solve the problems
their forefathers created. I am content

watching at the window while seasons
roll over like tumbleweeds, numb to the touch
of weather. I like the predictable places
where the mute objects of the house reside,
their quiet comfort as they observe
my meandering between rooms. Let traffic

have its misery, leave it to the tense
hands of caffeinated drones who would be replaced
in a day while believing they are irreplaceable.
I prefer the predicament of what to do
when the dishes and laundry are done—
whether to sit and stare at the books
I’ve never read growing dusty on a shelf

or stand by the front door watching
the handle fail to turn.

Josh Stewart is an ESL instructor, martial artist, and writer. He has authored two poetry chapbooks, ‘Temptation as a Technical Difficulty’ (Anstruther Press, 2015) and ‘Invention of the Curveball’ (Cactus Press, 2008). His blog is called The Martial Poet:

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