‘Warning Sign’ by Rose Day

We’ve been fighting for hours and the milk is curdling. Your lips are stretching around words like bubble-gum. Your eyebrows fly up your forehead like they’re escaping the tide of your eyelashes. I move and your mouth is watching a runaway train fall off the tracks. You’re saying fist slap upwards point finger fingerspell my name. I’m saying cross palms butterfly hands fingerspell my name. When we woke up this morning, I recited your face. I read the stretch of your arms. I’ve been flicking through your pages so long I don’t remember where I put you down, but I still enjoy the way the sounds feel on my fingertips. I thought we could draw our memories in the dark until we fell asleep. We are lost in translation your movements are too fast, and I can’t reach my palms in time to tell you that middle fingers to palm cross chest fist pointed index.
       And I want to tell you that my hands are tired and I’m sure you’re the sound of car keys in my pocket rotate my hand around my chest until your hands drop. I say I’ll rotate my hand around my chest until your hands drop your lips relax and you slip your fingers between mine again. I say middle fingers to palm. I try again. Middle fingers palm cross. I asked you once if you could sign the Bible and you kissed a cross down my face. Is it wrong to think about that? You make your right hand into a fist with your thumb sticking out. Close your eyes slow. The tea is cold, and I thought I understood silence.

Rose Day is a British poet and novelist. Currently completing a Doctorate of Philosophy in Creative Writing. Research interests include contemporary fiction, eco gothicism and poetry with visual art. Find Rose on Twitter and Instagram.

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