(with apologies to Laura Jane Grace)

There’s something about the way that you facilitate meetings
that makes me too wet to remember what I’m agreeing to.
Something about that black hoodie that sets off your eyes
as you swagger down Downing Street with your sign and hoodie,
protest drums and chants a soundtrack to a movie about you only.
What is it about the promise of battle that makes everyone sexy?
I want to lick your mouth under that dirty black bandana, taste
seditious plots, post-structuralist theories and cheap lager.
Before the cops come for us, let me come for you first
in your tent in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral: let the news
media hear exactly how the end of capitalism makes me feel.
We all need some oxytocin on the eve of revolution.
For you, I’ll sign every petition you send me, saying
this isn’t radical enough but at least it is something.
For you I’ll forget my student visa, follow you
through the smashed glass of any government building,
stay up all night outside police stations until your release
with freshly dumpster-dived cupcakes and fair trade coffee.
As we fall asleep on the shiny floor of that occupied office
whisper Marxist theory to me and I’ll coo back in Chomsky.
Cos your slow-motion silhouette against burning dumpsters
red flares against police line against screaming street
looks like nothing less than saviour. So come save me.
When I meet you on the barricades, slightly singed
and still smiling, just kiss me already.

Stephanie Chan (they/she) is a poet and stand up comic from Singapore. Their work has been published or is forthcoming in The Suburban Review, Corvid Queen and Fruits Journal. They run a poetry night called Spoke & Bird and their first collection ‘Roadkill for Beginners’ was published by Math Paper Press in 2019. They are inspired by small animals, large trees and damp soil. They can be found on Twitter at @stephdogfoot.

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