‘Your heart is made of bricks’ by Jessica Kim

For the man in Budapest, Hungary

Is it really called fate                      if you storm into the redbrick library
on a deserted winter morning
                            and I’ve already booked the day’s worth of
drowsy cities that are just waking up from their slumber
                                                                  barely holding on to the forlorn streetlights
in their rusty cobblestone palms
                                                     that stay tainted with their crescent sobs
                  in a hiraeth for the tourists who never visited Budapest;
and you came without preparation                                        into my world,
                                                     back where the river                      runs through war-torn ribcages
reeking of medieval blood                                    but you left no imprint
                                       on the sun-drawn cathedrals
and I was never ready to show you                              my side of the river where fishermen
            chant in strokes of luck so we just sat there
on the edge of outside;                                                   too suddenly you vanished
                                        into Liszt’s rhapsodies                           without even crossing the bridge
back into my palpitating heart                            made of red bricks, from the broken
                           library where I read your obituary
                                                                                 in an itinerary of things to do in Budapest
          and even then I knew it wasn’t fate
                                                                            when you left
                                    without saying goodbye.

Jessica Kim is a young writer based in Los Angeles, California. Her work appears or is forthcoming in The Eunoia Review, Sienna Solstice Magazine, and The Rising Phoenix Review amongst others. She also edits for several different literary magazines. You can find her on instagram @jessiicable

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