‘Red Kite’ by Caitlin Miller

A totem, a sign-
in this light like
a soaring bat in
the dewy marbled
sky -you fly above
sorrow and speech.

And then you swoop-
your beak dipping
into the wet velvety
earth of this endless
crop field. You cannot
be heard or touched.

Only glimpsed-
the swift black
outline of your
russet, speckled
feathers ghostly
like the shadow
of a miscarriage.

I came here hoping,
carrying a nested grief.
You came here from the
brink- of extinction. You
multiplied and now you
fill the Chiltern sky.

You perform your cyclical
sun dance- your forked elemental
tail continuing the call to life-
urging my breath and tears
and movement with your
rhythm and your red.

Caitlin Miller holds an MA in Creative Writing and co-edits the online poetry and spoken word platform ‘Irisi’. Publications include Tears in the fence, Ink sweat and Tears, and Under the radar.

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