Letter from the editors

As the last quarter of the year opens before us, we thought that we would look back at everything we have published recently at Clover & White.


We are always on the lookout for new flash fiction, short stories and poetry. We are drawn to work that does something a little different. Whether that is the subject matter, the style or the use of language, we like it when your writing does something that feels fresh. All the details are on our submissions page.

Recently Published

Flash Fiction

Nicola Ashbrook’s haunting short tale, To Transmogrify, kicked off our flash fiction in June with thoughts of obsession. kerry rawlinson explored the subtleties of gender inequality in A Fistfull of Nevermind. Robert Stone treated us to some beautiful prose in Infusoria, looking at space. Most recently we had Sisterly Devotion by Gordon Gibson, a funny albeit slightly twisted tale.

Short Story

Our short stories were kicked off with our own editor Nicola Bourne’s story, How I Killed Her: Confessions of an Anglo-Indian Girl, about a child’s insights and misunderstandings. We then jumped through space and time to Glass Ceiling by E.F.S. Byrne, a clever look at masculinity and marriage. This Far By Faith like all of J.L. Higg’s work focuses on the life of a Black American, while Claire Lawrence’s story Love Under A Halo looks at the unusual subject matter of love in an old peoples care home and is brilliant.


All the poetry we’ve published has been so different, exploring distinct themes and ideas. This Is A Gut Feeling by M. Eileen, Public Transport Announcement by Sam Forge, Three Poems by Marion ‘AngieDoe’ Batts and breaking even by Abdulrahman M Abu-Yaman all explore distinct themes and ideas, letting only a few words communicate large stories.

If reading any of these pieces had inspired you to write your own, send it to us! We want to publish you!

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